These resources will help parents understand the sensory side of autism:

(see also the section on eating issues)


General sensory processing information


Creating a sensory diet


Stimming (self stimulatory behaviour)




Vestibular activities


Proprioceptive activities

Sensory lending libraries
These are great resources to ‘try before you buy’ with sensory equipment. Jigsaw, Gympanzees and WECIL are in Bristol, while Cerebra is a national charity.


Other resources


Some useful books 

  • The Out-of-sync Child: Recognising and Coping with Sensory Processing Disorder, by Carol Stock Kranowitz
  • Living Sensationally, by Winnie Dunn
  • Interoception: The Eighth Sensory System, by Kelly Mahler
  • Self Regulation and Mindfulness Activities for Sensory Processing Disorder: Creative Strategies to Help Children Focus and Remain Calm, by Stephanie Foster


Occupational therapy options

bibic are based in Langport, which is near Taunton. They do a wide range of screeners and assessments. With their full two day assessment, they will carry out a thorough assessment of your child on the first day and then have you come back on the second day to go through their comprehensive report. They will also give you some simple therapies to do at home.

The cost is around £600 but they do have a payment plan. You can get funding from charities like Boparan Charitable Trust or other sources. The assessment is very useful if you are waiting assessment for ASD for your child. It will give you some clear answers about what your child needs from a sensory perspective, their learning style and more. Some schools will accept the report and put into use their suggested strategies.

Therapy Space

Ann-Marie Baker