Here are resources for parents of children who are experiencing gender issues:


Helpful organisations

  • The Queer Youth Network  – online forums discussing everything LGBTQ+ related.
  • The Beaumont Society – offers a 24/7 information line, who can point a young person in the direction of the best resources. Their number is 01582 412220.
  • Mermaids – is a support group for trans people aged 19 and under. Their information line is open Monday to Saturday from 3pm til 7pm and their number is 0344 334 0550.
  • The Mix – an online community where young people can chat anonymously to other young people about how they are feeling on message boards.
  • Lucy Smith is a local trainer for The Girl with the Curly Hair. She regularly runs a session on gender dysphoria click here for her Eventbrite page